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Willpower - Did You Know It Runs Out?

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

by Gabi Monus

Today let's look at willpower. We have all heard about it, talked about it and tried our best to use it - but do we really understand it? What really is willpower?

"Willpower is the ability to resist short-term gratification in pursuit of long-term goals or objectives."

Willpower focuses on long term goals while we do our best not to give in to short term temptation, distraction.

What does that look like in real life?

Let’s say it’s my goal to declutter my life, house, and wardrobe in 2022.

I am enthusiastic , feel motivated and tell myself : "This year is going to be great, I'm starting with a clean slate! I'll organise my office, my wardrobe and give away my unwanted possessions."

I set a few short term goals for the next few weeks and am inspired by the END goal! Yeah!

I get started with my office, it's going well, the desk is clean, I’ve got a new diary, made some plans to keep on top of the filing.

Then..... I start to loose motivation. I feel tired, it no longer feels exciting - decluttering is hard work!

It's not you (or me)! Willpower gets tired!!!

It is like a muscle - your willpower works hard then it will need a rest!

Few tips to keep your willpower strong:

  1. Set short term, achievable and measurable goals.

  2. Seek support from friends and family – share with them your goals so they can support you.

  3. When you achieved your small goals- REST and recover!

Willpower [your brain] gets tired and requires time to recharge, regenerate.

Meditation, nutrition, exercise and connecting with nature are just a few ways you can nurture your willpower.

So how can you reach your long-term goal? Now that's interesting!

To stay on your path, to reach the top of your mountain to keep your willpower motivated you need to discover your BIG WHY!!!!

Why would you like to reach that goal? Why is it important to you? What is the REASON behind your long-term goal?

This deep, inner reason will fuel your willpower and with rest ad nurturing in between the stages of your journey your WHY will keep you going!!

Are you wondering how to discover your big WHY? Not sure how to begin? Let me sit with you and hold your hand as you go on your journey of discovering your BIG WHY.

Gabi Monus is a qualified Wellness Coach at the World of Wellbeing Clinic in Canberra (Australia). She works with Vanessa, helping people to stay motivated to achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Vanessa Vanderhoek is a functional medicine nutritionist specializing in the gut microbiome, biochemistry and nutrigenomics. She helps people to regain their health by taking a “food as medicine” approach that's unique to their body.

Whilst based in Canberra (Australia), Vanessa sees clients around the world in her virtual clinic. To get started book an initial consultation by clicking here.


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