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Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition Consultations

Whilst Vanessa lives in Canberra, Australia, she supports clients from around the world in her virtual clinic. If there's not a time that suits your time zone, book in for another time and drop Vanessa a message - she will do her best to fit you in!

Initial Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition Consultation, for new clients $225 AUD, approx. $150 USD^ (90 minutes), click here to book now. If you have a complex health history and require 120 minutes, you can book an extended session, click here ($300 AUD, approx. $200 USD) - this option is best for complex health and autoimmune conditions incl. JIA so we can be as thorough as possible in the development of your bio-individual plan.

If you prefer to meet with Vanessa in person, she can see you at Chenzen Wellness Centre in Kingston, Canberra (Australia). Click here to book your in-person appointment.

Follow-Up Integrative & Functional Medicine Nutrition Consultation, are for existing clients only - $150 AUD, approx. $100 USD^ (60 minutes), click here to book now.

Discovery Call (15 minutes), complimentary, click here to book now.

Please sign and complete all forms in Practice Better at least 24 hours before your consultation or Discovery Call (you will receive these when you register through the secure platform). If Vanessa doesn't receive this, your appointment will be postponed until they are completed. If there's an issue in completing them, please message Vanessa in Practice Better and she will get back to you.

^ USD price will vary depending on the daily exchange rate. This price is estimated as of 13th January 2024.

, approx. $100 USD^ (60 minutes), click here to book now.

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