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The Emerging Research on Juvenile Arthritis and Gut Health

Each year the 18th March 2022 is World Juvenile Arthritis Day. And this year I am celebrating.

My life as a functional nutritionist came about quite abruptly when my daughter fell very ill with an autoimmune disease at the age of 2, juvenile idiopathic arthritis. She has been in unmedicated remission since June 2020 and symptom free since late 2018. You guessed it – we adopted a bio-individual approach centred on gut health and functional nutrition. Juvenile arthritis doesn’t get the same attention as other paediatric conditions. It’s usually invisible. It’s stereotyped as an "old person’s disease". And the power of gut health and nutrition isn’t widely spoken about, despite the volumes of research over the last 10+ years. Last month I provided a scientific based response to the Australian Government’s inquiry into childhood rheumatic diseases. I also shared our perspective as her parents. You can read it by clicking here (I’m response #119). Over the last year I’ve developed a comprehensive program to support parents – filling in a much-needed gap in the functional nutrition space for children with juvenile arthritis. I’m very proud of it. I wish it was around when we needed it 4+ years ago instead of going around in circles. I am also studying my Masters in Human Nutrition with a special focus on juvenile arthritis. This autoimmune disease messed with the wrong family. If you know of any family impacted by juvenile arthritis, please forward them this article and invite them to speak with me.

You can book a free Discovery Call with me by clicking here.

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