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Candida - Struggling to Eradicate It?

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Candida is a very opportunistic yeast overgrowth, a pathogen and form of gut dysbiosis. It is in everyone, the problem is when it is overgrown - often due to prolonged usage of antibiotics, impaired immune system, chronic stress, poor diet (sugar, alcohol).

Candida albicans can produce over 400 mycotoxins which can cause systemic illness. It has been linked to ADHD, IBD, fatigue/insomnia, anxiety, brain fog, sugar cravings among other conditions.

Biofilms are a slimy matrix that the yeast communities (Candida) build to protect them from the host immune responses (you!), anti-fungal, and herbals. These biofilms are anchored to the gut wall, and often why some people have recurrent problems and find hard to eradicate Candia.

If this sounds like you, we need to work out what’s going on with your immune system and gut microbiome. We need to work out what’s caused the Candida to grow as it’s rarely an issue on its own. Candida can take a while to shift (it’s stubborn), and most often, other aspects of gut health need to be addressed at the same time. It can often take 3+ months to remove biofilms and rebalance the gut – even longer if you’re not tackling the other aspects of your gut health that need addressing. I see this often with new clients – they’ve tried lots of different things but haven’t seen a health professional to help them join the dots.

The GI-Map is a great starting point to get a comprehensive understanding of what’s going on with your gut microbiome. It’s a simple poop test that will give us an idea of what else needs to be addressed, so you can take action to regain your gut and overall health with a bio-individual plan. If you’ve been struggling with Candida for a while, then doing a GI-Map and taking “test don’t guess” approach is your next best step.

Here's how to get started working with me:

  1. Download my FREE eBook: The 5 Things I Learned About My Gut Health & Energy. In this eBook I've shared the top 5 things I have learned about my gut health and my client's (bloating, constipation, diarrhea), low energy, and other symptoms, so you too can finally stop searching for answers. Click here to get immediate access!

  2. Book an initial Functional Medicine Nutrition consultation with me - click here. You will be directed to my secure platform called Better, where you can choose a time (and time zone) that suits you. Whilst I live in Canberra, Australia, I work with clients from around the world in my virtual clinic. If there's not a time that suits your time zone, book in for another time and drop me a message - I will fit you in!

  3. Complete the Client Intake Forms in my secure platform (Better) at least 24 hours before we meet. Also please upload any test results (bloods, swab results etc) in Better so I can review them. This approach enables me to best prepare for our time together.

  4. In our initial consultation we will undertake a comprehensive review of your Health & Family History and determine the appropriateness of functional testing (GI-Map/gut, urine, hair).

  5. Based on this I'll develop for you a Bio-individual Plan and explain to you what you're doing and why. If we are waiting on test results, you'll be given an interim plan to get started.

Vanessa Vanderhoek is a functional medicine nutritionist specializing in the gut microbiome, biochemistry and nutrigenomics. She helps people to regain their health by taking a “food as medicine” approach that's unique to their body. Vanessa is based in Australia and has clients around the world. To get started book an initial Functional Medicine Consultation by clicking here.


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