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30 Day Plant Based Challenge - start TODAY!

30 Day Plant Based Challenge - start TODAY!

By signing up for this challenge, you're taking an important step toward feeling more vibrant, healthy, and energized!


Adopting a plant–based diet (even if it’s just for a few weeks) can be a life-changing experience, as well as an amazing move for your health.


This challenge has been carefully crafted and is LOADED with antioxidants and nutrients that will help your body THRIVE. 


After just a few days, you’ll notice your energy levels improve, your brain fog will begin to disappear, and your skin and hair will begin to have a radiant glow!


You will also start to eliminate excess wastes and toxins, helping to restore balance throughout your body.


Many celebrities, bodybuilders, endurance athletes and people around the world have embraced this way of eating … not only for its health-boosting benefits, but because it’s also great for our planet.


It doesn’t matter if you’re just testing out the waters of a plant-based diet, or if you’ve been eating this way for years, you are in for an amazing 30 days! 


To get a little more specific, studies show that eating a plant-based diet can have incredible effects, including helping to:


  • Reduce your risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes – and maybe even reverse them!
  • Lower high blood pressure
  • Improve your cholesterol levels
  • Make it easier to maintain or lose weight
  • Reduce your need for some medications
  • Prevent some chronic illnesses and diseases.


Pretty amazing, right?


But knowing exactly how to eat a plant-based diet and still cover all your nutritional bases can seem overwhelming.


It’s not as simple as just "cutting out" meat and other animal products. You also have to pay attention to your body and what it needs.


Let’s face it! Potato chips and corn chips are considered plant-based foods … and so is pasta ... but those are not always your healthiest choices.


This is where your 30-Day Plant-Based Challenge comes in.


I have carefully designed this challenge to deliver the maximum amount of benefits for your body, while keeping in line with our “simple and easy” recipe philosophy.


This challenge is loaded with delicious, nutritious, and gluten-free recipes that we can’t wait for you to try.


I have taken out all the guesswork ... and you’ll learn what to eat (and what to avoid) to have a successful and transformational experience.


Throughout this challenge, you'll also focus on being intentional with your thoughts and actions, and also on being mindful and present.


This is much more than just a 30 Day Plant Based Challenge, this program is designed to help you become the best version of yourself ... inside and out.


Here is what's included:

  • 30 days of meal plans and delicious and nutritious plant based recipes (all gluten and dairy free)
  • Daily support in a closed group 
  • A detailed 30 Day Plant Based Challenge Guide
  • 4 x Weekly Workshops - pre-recorded so you can watch them in your own time


You can get immediate access to the 30 Day Plant Based Challenge today by clicking here to register.  You will be taken to my Pratice Better platform, where the program is hosted (you can also download the app to your phone).




To pay in 4 instalments, add to cart on this page and pay via PayPal. I will email you directly and set you up in Better so you can get access to the program materials in the next 24 hours.


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