Functional Nutrition Consultation - book a time

Functional Nutrition Consultation - book a time

I know how exhausting, frustrating and overwhelming having chronic health problems can be. I’ve been in your position, both with my previous 25 year struggle with severe fatigue and more recently, with my young daughter’s autoimmune disease.


You’ve tried everything and can’t get to the bottom of your health problems.


You’ve spent many hours researching and visiting doctors and specialists.


You’re eating well but still not getting better.


You’ll do whatever it takes.


How do I know? Because that’s my story too.


Think of me as your last best stop.


I understand the power of food and impact that it has on the systems in your body.


I know the impact of your past experiences and the impact in has on your health today.


I collaborate with you and your health team so we can work out ‘what is going on in there’.


It’s going to take consistency and being persistent.


It’s going to take a holistic approach to identify the root causes and address them.


Regaining your health will take time. But one thing I learned from my experience and that of my clients – you won’t regret starting today.


Why? Because by taking a functional nutrition approach you not only create healthy habits, you’ll work towards addressing the root causes for your symptoms.


Inital consultation:


60 minutes ($175) - click here to book your Intital Functional Nutrition Consultation 


120 minutes - complex cases such as JIA, RA, Osteoarthritis, other autoimmune conditions ($350) - click here to book your Intital Functional Nutrition Consultation


Follow-up consultation:


50 minute ($150) - click here to book a Follow-Up Functional Nutrition Consultation